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ROLFING - Evolution and Regeneration


ロルファーとして As a Rolfer

1998年に米国Rolf Instituteによってロルファーとして認定されて以来、ロルフィング(Rolfing Structural Integration)の個人セッションの提供を中心に活動しています。できるだけ繊細に身体を調律したいという方々にロルフィングセッションを東京・渋谷区代官山で提供しています。
Since certified as a Rolfer by the Rolf Institute in Boulder in Colorado, Hiroyoshi Tahata is providing Rolfing session in Tokyo, Japan. His approach is exqinsite gentle intervention avoiding of forcing some pain or particular practitioner's belief. He aims at working with client to elicit their self-organinazising system with subtle gentle intervention.

継続教育の提供 As a Faculty member of the Rolf Institute

1999年には、Rolf Movement認定を受け、その後様々な恩師から指導を受け、2009年には、Rolf Instituteから国際Rolf Movement教員として認定されました。恩師Carol Agneessensらと共にThe Art of Yieldという技法を発展させました。この技法を中心にロルファーの継続教育の一環として、海外講師らと共に認定コースを提供しています。
Hiroyoshi Tahata is certified as a Rolf Movement practitoner in 1999. He continued to assist his mentor's class. Therefore, he completed teacher in training , followed by joining the faculty member of Rolf Movement by the Rolf Institute.  Then, he and Carol Agneessensm his mentor. has developed the Art of Yield throught co-teaching Rolf Movement. He is teaching the Rolf Movement certification program as the continuing education pragram for Rolfers and SI practitioners recognized by IASI.

今後について My Mission

 I hope to help the client's body to be firmly connected, freed from unnecessary habits and patterns, to pursue each well-being, and to make it easier to follow the flow of life.
I would like to offer classes that practitioners who practice somatic techniques can deepen their skills further.

Private session 個人セッション

ROLFING® session     since 1998
ROLF MOVEMENT®   since 1999
Somatic Experiencing® since 2011 
Rolfing incooperated with the Art of Yield since 2005

Teaching Program 教員として提供中のプログラム 

Rolf Movement certification program
 Professinal tranining for Rolfers
IASI(International Associateion of Structural Integration) continuing education provider     
国際ストラクチュラルインテグレーション協会の継続教育の提供  Mentoring program for Rolfers and other health professionals. 
ロルファーのメンタリングプログラム 主に欧州トレーニング卒業者向け

The administrator of this site このサイトの管理者

Hiroyoshi TAHATA 田畑浩良
Movement faculty member of the Rolf Institute since 2009
米国Rolf Instituteムーブメント部門教員 (2009年より現職) 
Cerfified as a Rolfer™ in 1998 認定ロルファー

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