Spatial Somatics™ workshop

Spatial Somatics™ workshop

Embodying the Zen of Hara Within the Field called MA with Hiroyoshi Tahata of Japan. Rolf-Movement® Instructor.

Join Hiroyoshi Tahata & Carol Agneessens for this 6-day exploration.

Where:  Santa Cruz, CA
Date: October 20-26, 2022  (day off Oct. 23)

Tuition: $1275.00


Hiroyoshi Tahata, Rolf-Movement® Instructor, is renowned for developing, teaching, and practicing a subtly powerful work that integrates the deepest levels of self with the informing field in which he stands. His unique approach to spatial somatics™ recognizes that the body is in constant relationship to the surrounding space. Developing balance, orientation, and coordination require constant interaction with the external environment whether you are working in a therapeutic session or within your daily life.

Carol Agneessens began her studies at the Rolf Institute in 1981. She is actively involved in somatic integrative arts; deepening her curiosity and understanding of the cranial sacral system, embryology, movement, and intentional interaction and immersion with the surrounding field.

In this workshop we will explore: 

  • How the “spatial” relationship between practitioner and client facilitates safety within a therapeutic process. 
    • Neuroception is the ability to distinguish whether an environment is safe, dangerous, or life-threatening. 
  • Intentional positioning between the practitioner and client creates a safe matrix for the therapeutic relationship and deepening changes.
  • The vagal system and theory with approaches for facilitating neural coherence and reciprocity.
  • The ‘somatic residue’ from our time living through pandemic isolation.
    • Forced social and physical distancing may have affected our ability to sense field relationships.
    • Feeling secure through a practitioner’s intentional positioning can reset the pattern of shallow breathing caused by months of masking.  
  • Attending to spatial dynamics supports both deepening and yielding into the ‘gravity response force’ revitalizing the system.
  • Integrating the body through ‘core lines’ of formation that emerge from embryological beginnings.

This workshop is open to all somatic practitioners and can be immediately 

applied to your life and practice.

For more information: Carol:  // Hiro Tahata:

To reserve your place in this workshop please send $200. (non-refundable) Carol Agneessens, 114 Rio del Mar Blvd., Aptos CA. 95003.Tuition is due in full by September 20, 2022. Students who cancel participation 30 days or less prior to the start date will not receive refund of tuition paid. Please confirm the class is A-GO prior to booking non-refundable travel etc. Cancelations 30-60 days prior to start will receive a 50%refund of tuition minus the reservation fee. 

Space is limited. Covid safety will be followed. Hiro will be bringing items from Japan he is using to keep his teaching classes covid safe.