Another important inspiration for this quest was learning Hiroyoshi Tahata's "Yield" apporach to Rolf Movement (Tahata and McConnell 2015). Tahata is a certified Advanced Rolfer and Rolf Movement Instructor who came to Rolfing SI from a cellular-biology background. He uses the back side of his fingers, lightly resting on the client, to evoke an almost instantaneous, system-wide activation of motility. He also uses the back of his hands, under the body, to cue the client's system top yield to gravity. If you ever have the opportunity to watch him, the dance he leads, between interoception and exteroception is exquisite. 

- certified Advanced Rolfer, Kathy MacConnell
We learn from Hiroyoshi Tahata about the unique Japanese concept of ma – which relates to both time and space , particularly emptiness in space and intervals in time. Tahata brings ma into the ‘yielding ’ work he and fellow Rolf Movement® faculty member Carol Agneessens developed , again pioneering new territory and showing us how the subtlest aspects of our work can in and of themselves support phenomenal structural changes.

- certified Advanced Rolfer, Anne Hoff          

I am grateful that I stepped forward for the opportunity to be your demonstration client. This was a courageous act for me – sharing myself in this way in front of a group – as I am a rather private individual. My curiosity to understand and experience the work that Hiro brings forward was compelling. I wanted a felt-sense exploration. The session proved to be one of my more profound Rolfing® Structural Integration experiences.

Rolfing instructor, Lisa Fairman