今年4月のRolf Movementワークショップ in Santa Cruz

今年の4/1〜4にカリフォルニア州サンタクルーズで,私のワーク(Yielding work)を紹介するワークショップしたときの写真です。


















好感セッション - パノラマ

交換セッション – パノラマ




最終のクラス集合写真  カナダのトロント,コロラド,ノースキャロライナ,シアトル,ニュージャージーなどなど様々な場所から集まってくれました。


Yield: An Alternative Perspective for Effecting Structural and Functional Change   Part 2

with Hiroyoshi Tahata, Rolf-Movement® Instructor

This 4-day exploration presents new dimensions in working from the perspective of Yield.  This reality reveals itself naturally when a practitioner attends to their own interoceptive state. Shifting to this point of reference establishes a field of transformation.

Yield is an active orientation and contact with the scaffold (the cellular matrix). The cell is the minimal unit of life.  The cell/embryo needs to interact with its surroundings for survival and growth. This interaction is the most primal movement of life. After moving independently, the cell forms an interactive relationship with its surroundings, transforming itself toward greater “order” and a collective and functioning form, such as an organ.

Random fluctuation is irregular movement with no constant frequency. 

The accumulation of random fluctuations of the cell may be important for a shift to coherency and  “order”.  Cellular motility transforms into the collective form by accumulating the signaling of random fluctuations. These fluctuations serve the purpose of promoting coherence and systemic integration. Yield underlies all other movement and supports the emergence of a coherent and motile field throughout the body, cultivating both depth and reorganization.

This training will:

1.Focus on Core session (the 5th hr to 7th hr ) of 10 series with Yielding touch.

  2. Introduce new approach to  cranium through mouth and nose and core space.

3.Explore connectivity of the client’s body to the space around with hands-off.

4.Deepen the practitioner’s ability to resonate with the field relationship arising between themselves and their clients.

Dates: April  1 (Wednesday) – 4 (Friday) 2015

Location: Subud center 


Instructor: Hiroyoshi Tahata is a certified advanced Rolfer and Rolf Movement Instructor, living in Tokyo. He has worked as a research biochemist at the Hayashibara Biochemical Laboratories for 9 years where he studied megakaryocyte potentiating activity.

For more information & photos of Hiro’s work:

To register: contact Carol Agneessens.


This workshop will be open initially to peer faculty participants. It will then be open by invitation to colleagues who have expressed an interest in Hiro’s work.