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Rolf Movement™ certification class in 2007

Yield: Alternative Perspectives in Rolfing® Practice

with Hiroyoshi Tahata Rolf-Movement® Instructor

This 3-day exploration presents new dimensions in working from the perspective of Yield.

Initially, we will explore the establishment of a field of transformation. By shifting the point of origination from client to practitioner, this field reveals itself naturally through attention to a practitioner’s own interoceptive state.
In this context, Yield is an active orientation and contact with the scaffold (the cellular matrix). The cell/embryo needs to interact with its surroundings for survival and growth. This interaction is the most primal movement of life. Yield underlies all other movement and supports the emergence of a coherent and motile field throughout the body, cultivating both depth and reorganization.

This training will:
Explore alternative perspectives in touch including working with hands-off the
client’s body to promote both random fluctuation and systemic coherence.
Random fluctuation is irregular movement with no constant frequency.
A cell’s essential nature is ‘to move’. After moving independently, the cell forms an interactive relationship with its surroundings, transforming itself toward greater "order" and a collective and functioning form, such as an organ. The accumulation of random fluctuation of the cell might be important for a shift to coherency and "order".
Deepen the practitioner’s ability to join the phenomena of the field relationship arising between themselves and their clients.
Utilize feedback from the skin as well as the body as an informational and vibrational feedback loop.

Part of this work focuses on the nature of the cell as the minimal unit of life. Cellular motility transforms into the collective form by accumulating the signaling of random fluctuation. These fluctuations serve the purpose of promoting coherence and systemic integration.

Dates: 2014

Instructor: Hiroyoshi Tahata is a certified advanced Rolfer and Rolf Movement Instructor, living in Tokyo. He has worked as a research biochemist at the Hayashibara Biochemical Laboratories for 9 years where he studied megakaryocyte potentiating activity.
For more information & photos of Hiro’s work: http://www.rolfinger.com/HirozWork.html

The workshop will be offered internationally.If you are interested in this class. Please contact me.

Photo of the workshop with Hiro